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Intrepid offers both quick evaluation (E*Fill) and comprehensive evaluation/optimization (C*Flow) analyses.



An analysis of the filling phase used as a quick but effective check of the part design’s manufacturability. E*Fill utilizes the more in depth and advanced Moldflow® Plastics Insight Software (MPI) for increased accuracy.  


This analysis is ideal for Mold Makers and/or Molders who are not necessarily responsible for the part design but need confirmation of the manufacturability of the part prior to quoting or must meet an OEM’s Moldflow® analysis requirement.  Analysis delivery is 24 hours from acceptance of the order.





An in depth analysis used to evaluate and optimize the part design, mold design and/or the molding process utilizing  Auto Desk® Moldflow® Plastics Insight (MPI).  The analysis may include the filling, packing and/or cooling phases of the molding process as well as a structural analysis to predict the effects of molded in stresses on warpage.  


This analysis is ideal for OEMs, mold makers and molders to evaluate how their design choices (part, mold and/or material processing) affect part manufacturability.  Designs and processing conditions can then be optimized to improve overall part quality.  C*Flow analyses can be performed concurrently with part and mold design as well as after the mold has been sampled to address molding issues.


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