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Intrepid Plastics Solutions, Inc. is a Moldflow® Expert (GOLD) Certified consulting firm utilizing the full suite of  Auto Desk® Moldflow® Injection Molding software to evaluate the filling, packing and cooling phases of the injection molding process and predict the part warpage upon ejection.   By utilizing Moldflow® as a ”virtual prototyping” tool, we provide insight into the effects of part and mold design choices on the manufacturability of the part prior to tool fabrication, reducing both time and cost to market.  


IPS provides the in depth evaluation that comes from more the 30 years combined experience in the plastics industry and gives the immediate feedback necessary to help you bring the best part to market faster at the lowest possible costs to your organization.



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Barbara is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts (Lowell) with a B.S. in Plastics Engineering and Moldflow® Expert Level Certification.  Prior to founding Intrepid Plastics Solutions, Inc., she spent 8 years as the  Moldflow® Product Manager for a hot runner supplier, developing and leading the flow simulation team responsible for performing hundreds of analyses for customer specific applications and customized hot runner designs.


Barbara’s career in Moldflow® applications spans more than 18 years and also includes Moldflow design support for Sales at a major resin supplier and corporate training at an international level for an OEM.  She also has mold engineering experience, working with product development and manufacturing engineering teams to select resins, fabrication methods and secure tooling for new product launches.   



Barbara M. DeBolt - President